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Recording for the blind & dyslexic needs volunteers with technical background to read college textbooks for blind students. If you can make a weekly commitment to recording sessions, call Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic. Their 800 number is RFB-TEXT

If you like listening to stories, READ/SF has a dozen authors reading their stories, including Ray Bradbury & Harlan Ellison, over 5 hours of science fiction stories on tape, and it contributes to support reading education. Call California Literacy for the details at 1-800/894-7323.

LASFS, the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society meets every Thursday night at 8, at the LASFS clubhouse, in North Hollywood, 11513 Burbank Blvd. Their number is (818) 760-9234.

The Orange County SF Club meets on the last Wednesday of every month except December in the Community Room at 2400 East Chapman in Fullerton at 7:30 PM. For more information, call Greg at (949) 552-4925.

Remember to tell your friends about Mike Hodel's Hour 25. Have them point their browsers to 'hour25.org' to hear the show. New installments will be uploaded on Friday of each week.

If you have something you want to call to the attention of the Group Mind, send an email to Warren James {Be sure to put 'Hour 25 Calendar' in the subject line of your message to make sure it doesn't get lost.}

And now I'm going to drift back from the starscape and listen to Mike Hodel's Hour 25.

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