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Listening to our Previous Shows

Unlike shows broadcast over the radio, the individual episodes of Hour 25 do not go away after they are broadcast. Instead they migrate to our "Previous Shows" pages where they are available for an extended time period.

Each "Previous Shows" page from 2000 covers a two month period. Starting in the year 2001, this was reduced to a single month. This change in scope was due to the fact that the pages were getting too large for quick loading.

Listed below are links that will take you to the currently available "Previous Shows" pages. If you are looking for a show featuring a specific guest, then you should check out our Audio Index page which lists all of the shows that are currently available on-line and sorts them by guest and air date.

  • Shows from December, 2002
  • Shows from November, 2002
  • Shows from October, 2002
  • Shows from September, 2002
  • Shows from August, 2002
  • Shows from July, 2002
  • Shows from June, 2002
  • Shows from May, 2002
  • Shows from April, 2002
  • Shows from March, 2002
  • Shows from February, 2002
  • Shows from January, 2002

  • 2001
  • Shows from December, 2001
  • Shows from November, 2001
  • Shows from October, 2001
  • Shows from September, 2001
  • Shows from August, 2001
  • Shows from July, 2001
  • Shows from June, 2001
  • Shows from May, 2001
  • Shows from April, 2001
  • Shows from March, 2001
  • Shows from February, 2001
  • Shows from January, 2001

  • 2000
  • Shows from November and December, 2000
  • Shows from September and October, 2000
  • Shows from July and August, 2000

  • Shows from before July 2000 were broadcast over the radio and not distributed over the 'net. We plan to make shows from that time frame available on the 'net at some time in the future.

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