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Here's where you will find information about shops and other places of science fictional interest in Southern California. Many of these stores have web sites where you can purchase merchandise on-line.


Index of Los Angeles SF Resources

  • Bookstores emphasizing Science Fiction and Horror
  • Bookstores - various
  • Audiobooks
  • Model Shops with an emphasis on SF subjects
  • Video
  • Museums

  • Bookstores emphasizing Science Fiction and Horror

    A&M Booksellers
    Some bookstores are known for having rare and expensive books. Others are known for having the latest releases. But A&M Booksellers are known for having a huge selection of inexpensive 'reading copies' of out of print books. Now that dosen't mean they don't have rare and expensive books, because they do, but what they are known for is having tons of used books at very reasonable prices. They're the answer to a book addict's dream.

    Their rare and collectible books are sold through their Massoglia Books Web Site, so be sure to check there to find out what's currently available.

    19801 Vanowen, Unit D
    Canoga Park, CA 91306

    Phone : 818-716-6259
    email : martysbooks@pacbell.net
  • Massoglia Books Web Site

    Barry Levin
    If you are interested in rare copies of science fiction and fantasy books, or first editions, then this is the place for you. Beyond just books - and man does he have the books - Barry Levin handles autographs, manuscripts, literary correspondence and original art. Rare science fiction first editions are certainly not inexpensive and they aren't everyone's cup of tea, but it's wonderful knowing that there's someplace in LA that specializes in these rare books.

    Store Hours
  • Monday - Thursday 10AM - 6PM (PST)
  • Friday 10AM - 2PM (PST)
  • Closed Saturday
  • Sunday 12 Noon - 5PM (PST) (PST)

    720 Santa Monica Blvd.
    Santa Monica, CA 90401

    Phone : 310-458-6111
    Fax : 310-899-9404
  • Barry R. Levin's Web site

    Book Fellows
    Located in Glendale this used bookstore offers a combination of first editions and collectible books along with a broad selection of mystery and science fiction books in great condition. Their stock - as far as mystery and sf goes, is split fairly evenly between hardbacks and paperbacks and we always find something there that we weren't expecting to find. They also have a great selection of science fiction reference books and more than a few autographed books. But more than that, it's a nice friendly place to go to and spend a few hours in search of some new literary treasures - or at least a few good reads.

    Store Hours
  • Every Day 10AM - 10PM (PST)
    {But call first because their hours are sometimes seasonally adjusted.}

    238 N. Brand Blvd.
    Glendale, CA 91203

    Phone : 818-545-0079
    Fax : 818-545-0094
    email : bookfellows@gowebway.com
  • Bookfellows Web Site

    Dark Delicacies
    Located in Burbank, not far from Universal Studios - a place quite familiar to fans of horror fiction - Dark Delicacies is a bookstore devoted to the literature of horror and the fantastic. They have row after row of classic and contemporary horror along with collectibles and other things not likely to be found in more mundane shops. I mean, how many 'normal' book shops have a dedicated section for funerial artwork or keep collectibles and jewelry in an open casket. Like the sign on the door says, "Come on in, it's cool as a crypt inside".

    Store Hours
  • Saturday and Sunday 11AM - 6PM (PST)
  • Closed Monday
  • Tuesday - Friday 11AM - 8PM (PST)

    4213 W. Burbank Blvd.
    Burbank, CA 91505

    Phone : 818-556-6660
    Toll Free : 888-darkdel
    email : darkdel@darkdel.com
  • Dark Delicacies Web Site

    Dangerous Visions
    Dangerous Visions has long been a fixture in the LA science fiction scene. Though they changed from a physical to a cybernetic retailer a few years ago, they are still alive and well and can be reached through their web site.

  • Dangerous Visions Web Site

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    Bookstores - various

    Op Amp
    This store has been a fixture in Southern California for about as long as Hour 25 has been around. It started out as a used bookstore specializing in scientific and engineering books and now features the largest and most comprehensive collection of scientific, engineering, computer and film production books that can be found anywhere. Whenever I'm looking for some obscure technical book, this is where I go because if they don't have it they can order it for me. This place is a 'must see' for anyone with an interest in scientific and technical subjects.

    1033 N. Sycamore Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA

    Phone : 323-464-4322
    Toll Free : 800-468-4322
    Fax : 323-464-0977
    email : opamp@netcom.com
  • OpAmp Web Site

    Vroman's Bookstore
    Vroman's has been an institution in Pasadena for over 100 years. They're a huge independent bookstore with a large selection of Science Fiction and horror books along with many science and computer books. They also sponsor a number of book discussion groups and have frequent signings.

    Store Hours
  • Monday - Thursday 9AM - 9PM (PST)
  • Friday & Saturday 9AM - 10PM (PST)
  • Sunday 10AM - 8PM (PST)

    695 E Colorado Blvd.
    Pasadena, CA 91101

    Phone : 626-396-1670
    Toll Free : 800-769-BOOK
    Fax : 626-792-7308
  • Vroman's Web Site

    You might also be interested in Vroman's Museum Collection, which is their store dedicated to art, architecture and photography. Located at 340 S. Lake Ave. in Pasadena.

    Phone 626-396-1670
    Fax 626-396-1679.

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    Jimmy B's
    I love listening to books while I race around LA in my car. I first found Jimmy B's about a decade ago and have since been making the trek across town whenever my supply of audiobooks is getting a bit long in the tooth. They have a large selection of science fiction audiobooks for rent or purchase, along with loads of tapes on most any other subject you'd be interested in.

    Store Hours
  • Monday - Saturday 10AM-7 PM (PST)
  • Sunday & Holidays 12 Noon - 5PM (PST)

    1632 S. Pacific Coast Highway
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277-5604

    Phone : 310-792-1718
    Fax : 310-792-1719
    email : jimmyb@audiobooks.com
  • Jimmy B's Audiobooks Web Site

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    Model Shops - with an emphasis on SF subjects

    Monsters in Motion
    You've got to love a hobby shop that has an aisle dedicated to spaceships and another for dinosaurs and giant Japanese monsters and another for characters from SF and horror movies and another for... But you get the picture. And they've got books and CDs and did I mention they've got loads of other SF and horror models? Oh my! It's worth a trip here just to see all the built up kits that line the walls of the store. {Even if it does intimidate me to see just how much better than me other people are at building and painting models.} They also have special events, signings and film showings and the like, so be sure to get on their mailing list.

    Store Hours
  • Wednesday and Thursday 11AM - 6PM (PST)
  • Friday 11AM - 7PM
  • Saturday 9AM - 5PM

    181 West Orangethorpe Ave., Suite E
    Placentia, California 92870

    Monsters in Motion are currently located in a corner of an industrial park and they can be a bit hard to find. Click here for a map showing you how to find them.

    Phone: 714-577-8863
    Fax: 714-577-8865
  • Monsters in Motion Web Site

    The Monster Cellar
    Going into this small shop gives you a case of information overload. {The only other store that comes close to this shop's 'kit density' is Comet Miniatures in London.} Their store is filled with kits and action figures along with books and magazines devoted to SF modeling. Most of their kits are of the horror/fantasy figure model genre but they also have a sprinkling of spaceship kits and other subjects.

    3875 Pacific Coast Highway
    Torrance, CA 90505

    Phone: 310-378-7920
    email : monsterclr@aol.com
  • The Monster Cellar Web Site

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    The Bunny Museum
    OK, so the Bunny Museum is not really science fiction. On the other hand, it's certainly wonderful, quirky and eccentric. And Suzanne and I love it. A few years ago Candace Frazee's fiance Steve Lubanski bought her a single stuffed bunny. And then they discovered that stuffed bunnies reproduce faster than the real ones, and before long their house was filled with every imaginable sort of bunny collectible. So they did the only thing they could, they turned their house into a Bunny Museum. You've got to see it to believe it. It's open on holidays so you'll have to call before going over to make sure its open. It's easy to find. Just look for the house with the 15 foot bunny from the Rose Parade living on the front lawn. And while there be sure to spend some time with their real bunnies. They have some of the most affectionate bunnies that can be found anywhere. Buddy is especially friendly and will even lick your hand when you're not petting him.

    1933 Jefferson Drive
    Pasadena, CA 91104

    Phone: 626-798-8848
  • The Bunny Museum Web Site

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