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Scott Alexander's 11 Foot Discovery Model

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The "Big D"

Shown below are several pictures of the 11 foot long model of the Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey that Scott has recently finished. Having seen this model in person I can say that it is wonderful in the extreme. Seeing it for the first time comes close to being a religious experience if you are a space enthusiest or someone who has a special affection for 2001: A Space Odyssey. And from talking to other people who have seen this model, I know I am not the only person who feels this way.

Presented below are some pictures of this model in various stages of construction.

To see more pictures of this model, as well as pictures of his other work, and to learn more about the kits he produces, be sure to visit Scott's web site. {And if you have a large house - and a healthy bank balance - you'll be able to find out how you can get a copy of this Discovery for your very own.}

The pictures on this page are Copyright © Scott Alexander and are used with his permission.

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Under Construction

Big D under construction
Here's the 11 foot Discovery under construction in Scott's workshop.

Closeup on antenna module    Closeup on Penny
A closeup on the Antenna Module before the antennas got mounted on it.

Closeup on command sphere attachment collar.    Closeup on spine module
A closeup on the Command Sphere Docking Collar along with one of the many modules that will be mounted on the ship's spine.

Big D under construction
The Discovery's spine under construction with various modules being slid into place.

Closeup on command sphere.    Closeup on command sphere.
The Command Sphere under construction.

Closeup on airlock    Closeup on Penny
Here's a closeup on the emergency airlock with a Penny for scale. Note the date on the coin.

Big D under construction
All the pieces are in place.

Big D under construction
Completed Discovery from another angle.


Big D Finished

Big D Finished
The antennas look OK. What's the problem with the AE-35 unit?

Big D Finished
This view looks familiar!

Big D Finished and on display
The Discovery on display at the San Jose Science Center.

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