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  • October 31, 2016   Halloween Readings

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    Halloween Readings - 2016

    left web come on in right web

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    On Monday - October 31st, 2016 - Hour 25 joined you to celebrate Halloween - a time when green leaves turn shades of red and yellow, the nights get crisp and cool, darkness lingers and on this night of nights the spirits of the mysterious walk the Earth.

    And in that spirit, Hour 25 is here to bring you stories of the fantastic, the mysterious and even the ghoulishly humorous.

    So close the drapes, light the candles, sit back and relax and try not to wonder about those specters hovering just beyond the candlelight. You're on a journey to the worlds of mystery and imagination with The Hour That Stretches.


    The Past by Ellen Glasgow

    Listen to this story

    Our first story for tonight is The Past by Ellen Glasgow. This story tells us about a woman who comes to work in a household where a dark force is threatening the happiness of a married couple. The ghost of an embittered lover is literally destroying their lives. It is a charming story of ghosts and romance showing us that if you try hard enough you can overcome dark forces without becoming one yourself. Love does triumph over evil.

    Ellen Glasgow was born in 1873 and lived until the end of World War II. She is primarily known for her 20 novels about women from the South and wrote very little genre fiction. She was on the bestseller list five times and her last novel, In This Our Life, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1942. This was later turned into a movie starring Bette Davis and Olivia DeHaviland and directed by John Houston.

    Tonight's romantic ghost story is one of the only seven short stories she is known to have written.

    the past

    The Ghost Club by John Kendrick Bangs

    Listen to this story

    Our second story for the night is a humorous ghost story by John Kendrick Bangs - The Ghost Club. {And no, the Ghost Club is not some place where ghoulies come '6 to a pack' for $29.95.} Rather, it's a place where spirits come to socialize and have a little fun playing tricks on mortals.

    John Kendrick Bangs was a writer and editor who worked in the late 19th century and early 20th. He was well known for his humorous take on the supernatural and his stories often featured writers who were bedevilled by mischievous spirits.

    By portraying supernatural creatures in mundane situations he was able to make humorous commentaries on the foibles of contemporary society. He went so far as to publish A House Boat on the Styx which followed the misadventures of a group of spirits who decide that such a vessel would be a great place for parties in the afterlife, even if Charon didn't agree with them. At the end of the book Captain Kidd absconds with the houseboat, leading to the sequel Pursuit of the Houseboat wherein Sherlock Holmes and others go on a quest to return the houseboat to its rightful owners. The story is as funny - and silly - as this short description implies. Phillip Jose Farmer once said that A House Boat on the Styx was one of the inspirations for his Riverworld series.

    Bangs's signature supernatural humor eventually became so popular and well known that such types of stories became known as "Bangsian fantasies". Even today we see echoes of his plot devices and stylings in urban fantasies and contemporary stories of the supernatural ranging from The Twilight Zone to Harry Potter. I mean, when it comes to juxtaposing the supernatural, the mundane and the humorous can you beat Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

    So tonight we're going to bring you a story set in a Victorian drawing room filled with mischievous spooks and one gullible human. We have for you - The Ghost Club by John Kendrick Bangs.


    The Hour 25 Broadcast

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